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Day 19 - 5850km - The Way Back

by Moritz 4. July 2011 00:23

Safe and sound i arrived in leopoldstr. 100, munich.
The last days were hard, 1700km in 3 days, way to much!

...but back to where my last post ended:
After i spent a night at the campsite in Applecross, i tried to continue wildcamping.
On the first day in Scotland i met 2 guys from wales, whom i met again 3 days later,
i told them my story of getting stuck after 10m dirttrack when i tried to reach that nice wildcamping spot.
One of them said i should now better stick to the paved roads. well... i did not :P

And so it nearly happened that i crashed my bike

 Thats the spot i've choosen for this night, but getting there was a little bit tricky:


Doesn't look to bad on the picture, but it goes down for about 3m beside this narrow path and it was really steep. So on the way down i didn't think to much about it, on the next morning after a night without much sleep (because i was anxious if it will be that easy to go back up on this path), i tried. Made it to the tricky part and pushed the brakes because the bike was not pointing in the right direction for the narrow path. The transalp with it's street tyres on started sliding down immediately. it was to steep! tried to get off the bike and guide it while walking beside it but that didn't work either. My knees were shaking and i really run out of energy, so i jumped on the bike and gave full throttle. That did it!


After that action i started packing my tent and while still trebleing i cut a piece of meat out of my finger by letting the poles snap to quick (when my finger was between them).
But fits great to all the other marks and burns i got before :D
Seemed like my first aid kit has been expired, the patches didn't stick anymore, so i had to use the good old duct tape (jeeey second time on this trip, first time i fixed my fathers tent poles)


After everything was packed and all wounds taped i started my way to Edinburgh. At this time i was in a very bad mood because i checked the ferry prices for going to the continent the day before, nothing bellow 280€ :/
So i tried to get a Last Minute Ticket from all ports starting at Edinburgh.
The port of edinburgh cancelled every passenger ferries...
The port of Newcastle where DSDF Seaways operates wanted me to pay more than 400Euro to get on the Ferry, not matter how full it was.
From Newcastle i called the P&O Ferries Office and checked the connections between Hull and Rotterdam, 280€ was the best they could offer me,
still to much for me, but i got the info there is a ship leaving at 9pm.

After driving more than 650km that day i arrived in Hull and did manage to get a ticket to Rotterdam for 175€!!! Taking a shared room without anyone else in it... 
You just need to talk to the right person and even the absolutely fixed price of 280€ is suddenly flexible :P




I was SO happy that i got on this ferry and not have to go all the way down to Dover (and that i did the 650km down to hull) that i made this pic,
proud and absolutely overwhelmed of all the luxury i suddenly had, a shower, shampoo, a towel, drinking water, electricity, a bed with a pillow!, a bar...  


In the Netherlands i took this picture:


and went down to the camping where it all started, Metz, France.

On the way i did a short stop in Belgium to eat some belgish chips in Brussels :)
Yes thats it, the day after i took the more or less direct autobahn to Munich.

For the end, a pic of me starting the trip:

Aus Europe 2011


I will do one more post on this trip with some statistics, keep reading :P

53.746, -0.327

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